Documentary Film: The Man in the Mask

​Directed, Written and Produced by Jess Barnthouse and Stacy Buchanan


In 2008, Kip Weeks starred as “The Man in the Mask” in the horror film The Strangers. Now he lives in Portland, Maine and runs an all-natural children’s toy company with his family. But Kip longs to return to filmmaking and is on a mission to resurrect his former career. The Man in the Mask is a documentary following Kip’s journey to pursue his lifelong dream, while also trying to balance his obligations to his wife, family, and growing business. It’s a deeply personal and tragically relatable story about the highs and lows and the irreversible costs that come from a fleeting taste of fame.

Documentary Project: Something Wicked This Way Comes

​Directed, Written, and Produced by Jess Barnthouse and Stacy Buchanan

Starring Brad Anderson, David Gregory, Nick Principe, Jen Jostyn and Pete Goldfinger

Something Wicked This Way Comes is a Kickstarter funded web project that examines horror culture and filmmaking in the New England area. Through the stories of industry professionals, filmmakers, and actors, it explores the historical and contemporary significance of the area’s impact on the horror genre, and the decision to pursue horror projects locally.

Short Film: Daddy Dearest

Directed and Written by Fiona Fright

Produced by Wicked Bird Media


In her directorial debut, Fiona Fright plays Elise, a 9-year old suffering after the tragic loss of her father, and taking matters into her own hands when her mother is unable to give her the support she needs.

Directed and Written by Andrea Wolanin

Produced by Wicked Bird Media

Starring John T. Woods, Shaun Callaghan, Aria Appel, and Caite Eilenberg


Wicked Bird Media’s locally directed and produced submission for the ABCs of Death 2 contest. M is for Mundane stars John T. Woods (V/H/S/2, Mega Snake) as Winston, a regular guy with a boring life – sleep, eat, work, repeat – until it’s revealed that there’s something a bit different about his everyday habits. Watch the film.








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